ConectoHub – Unified OKR and Work Management Platform

managing a team, or being in the management team are difficult. In addition, executing plans and strategies may be difficult and overwhelming.

To enhance the workflow and to manage OKR’s of the team’s and productivity, this tool will assist you in automatizing the process.

PitchGround Presents ConectoHub the Unified Productivity and Goal Management Tool designed to Aid You in Connecting Your Business Strategies and Execution using Task, Project, and Team Management.

ConectoHub allows you to effectively and efficiently create an alignment with challenging goals. All goals and strategies to achieve these goals are can be managed on all the platforms.

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The OKR System is integrated with Work Management –With OKR System that is integrated with Work Management it is possible to link your Key Results to your everyday assignments and projects.

The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a method used by companies to set goals and to monitor the activities of teams. With the OKR System Integrated with Work Management It allows you to integrate your Key Results to your everyday tasks and projects, track the progress in real-time and ensure that teams are working in tandem to achieve the goals that matter.

Monitor the progress of your team automatically and ensure that the teams work together to achieve objectives that are important. It is also possible to connect your data to Google Sheet, Excel, Airtable and others. To create remote Key Results Check-ins, or connect your tasks, issues, and other tools like Jira, Trello, Asana and more.

Project and Task ManagementFollow your plans assigning tasks to team members, and set dates and prioritizes to be coordinated with your coworkers.

Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by using automated features and immediate reports. Receive notifications for each task and an update.

Instant Reports HTML0 Instant ReportsInstant report and analysis collaboratively permit users to view data instantly. Instant reports allow it is possible to evaluate the impact of anomalies, opportunities for growth and the productive phases of your business. The success of an organization is contingent on the performance of every employee, team and the overall efficiency of the organization.

Mobile App HTML0 Mobile App Control your work assign and plan tasks by using the app on Play Store as well as the App Store.

Want To Know More Features?

  • A List View: List View is a section that arranges the list in the same way as an Excel sheet, which means that project information are easy to find. List view lets you are able to handle your project.
  • Advanced Search Advanced Search – Advanced search is the most effective method for to locate any project, task individual, team member or tag within your workspace.
  • Kanban View Kanban View Kanban board can be a great method of visualizing workflows controlling processes, as well as getting a clear view of your tasks.
  • File View File View is the most effective method to organize your files. Don’t waste time looking through files that are digital.
  • Gantt View Gantt View Gantt views are a method to visually represent the timeline of a project it illustrates a project’s schedule.
  • Project Reports – Project reports are visual summary of projects and let you visualize the projects using graphs and charts. Inform you of the progress of your project’s development, cost as well as the risk of your project using real-time information. Additionally you can track the progress of your project with the plans.
  • Individual Templates: Any team is able to develop a project from an existing one, like support, marketing HR, etc. By creating custom templates, you can follow the most efficient practices and cut down on time.
  • Guest Users If you have customers or vendors or any other stakeholders that need to work together on your projects. You can invite those who do not need ConectoHub accessibility to the projects. They can join as guest users. By inviting guests, you’ll be able to remove meetings, emails, or calls to coordinate your work.
  • Project Portfolios – Portfolios for projects are collections of projects. The top-level overview provides the essential information in a straightforward, simple format.
  • This software assists teams keep track of tasks from beginning to end, setting time limits, prioritizing work then assigning the tasks to correct individuals or teams. It’s easy to assign tasks to teams or multiple assignees.
  • Recurring Tasks: You can define a task to repeat every day, weekly or monthly, or at the rate of when you wish an activity to be repeated. This lets teams be updated and receive a status updates at the time and date that you specify.
  • Subtasks You can break your work into smaller tasks and arrange them in many steps. Subtasks can also be used as checklists.
  • 360 Degree Feedback System – 360 Degree Feedback System provides employees with the ability to receive and give feedback. Continuous feedback increases the level of engagement and motivation of the group.
  • Milestones – Milestones are important stages that have to be met and achieved. Milestones are among the most crucial indicators of progress in the project. It is possible to track the progress of your project by using milestones.
  • Multiple Assignees – More individuals and teams are able to be assigned projects and tasks.
  • Due Dates and Notifications Make deadlines, and by utilizing in-app and email notifications, you will never miss any updates and updates. Don’t waste time by not completing your task.
  • Team Management – Set up groups and then assign projects, tasks or assign teams’ goals. It’s a quicker and simpler method of working.
  • Automations – Automations can be described as project vitals that are triggered by any trigger such as moving tasks to the completed section automatically. With automations, you can cut down on errors and improve efficiency.
  • Key Results and Weighted Objectives Key Results & Weighted Objectives Results help organizations determine the importance of each goal and the key outcome. Through weighted objectives and key results, you are able to look at the goals of different teams within the company’s hierarchy advancement levels. You can check how well all organizational hierarchies in relation to work output.

What’s the advantages from making use of ConectoHub?

  • Execution and strategy management on the same platform
  • Linking the high-level goals of an organization with business output
  • Clarity around Work the achievement of the objectives
  • Teams must be aligned to goals
  • Collaboration of workflows across geographies and teams

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Alternate For – Asana, Clickup

Use Cases –

OKR Tracking One of the first steps towards success is to establish precise goals and timeframes to your entire team. By creating a framework that helps everyone on your team be aware of the larger overall picture, you offer them the necessary foundations to complete their tasks efficiently.

Project Management Collaboration is what can make the world go around It’s simple to collaborate within ConectoHub. Monitor your entire project from beginning to end with stunning views that keep your team informed. Keep all your resources from one location by using Our List, Kanban, or Gantt Chart views. Reach Project files and real-time reports easily.

Marketing Team Marketing Team Make your work easier reduce unnecessary stress, and establish clear strategies and goals with ConectoHub to allow you to concentrate on what you love the most. Create a schedule for your promotions and track your marketing goals. brainstorm strategies with colleagues members and plan your reminders.

Sales Team Sales teams utilize ConectoHub as their CRM, and many other things! They keep track of everything from their pipeline of deals team performance to requests from customers. Every sales team is unique We’ll help you start with the perfect template for your business, and after that, it’s time to start customizing!

Operation Operation Improve your operation to become more efficient to grow your business. Make internal operations more efficient by performing regular checks with the template. It will help you plan and document the company’s internal processes and the actions required to achieve long-term objectives. When you keep the track of these, regular tasks will keep popping on your calendar when they are scheduled and you’ll know when they’ll be due.

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