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Formly Introduction

Formly is an excellent alternative to SurveyMonkey since it’s the best solution for building customized digital forms and checklists that help your team gather more data at any time, from anywhere even offline.

One of the main issues in gathering information offline is the fact that it’s usually difficult to collect it. The more questions you ask the more difficult it becomes. It is possible that you won’t be able to obtain all the answers you desire and some individuals may be shy to answer specific questions.

Formly is an internet-based form creator that allows you to design beautiful mobile-friendly forms to collect details at events and other offline venues.

If you’re asking customers to rate the new product you’ve launched or gathering feedback from staff at the conclusion of your day, Formly allows you to collect the data that you need.


  • Works Offline
  • Collect payments
  • Calculator
  • Works on all Devices
  • Pre-populate & Dispatch
  • Email Notifications

Great Alternative to SurveyMonkey

Formly is a fantastic alternative to SurveyMonkey as it provides the best solution for building custom checklists and forms to assist your team to collect more detailed data at any time, from anywhere even offline.

With Formly you can design stunning forms in just a few seconds.

  • Basic or more complex forms are easy to design using Our form designer.
  • Use standard questions like yes/no, select questions etc or more advanced question types – signature, file upload, input table.
  • Skip the logic behind hiding/showing pertinent questions

Send your forms to the web via hyperlinks, web applications, and more.

  • Web links for sharing forms with non-registered users.
  • Web application or app – to send forms to users who are registered
  • User Groups Create user groups to use specific forms to share with certain users
  • Dispatch – Email a particular form to an individual user, with pre-populated information included.

Visualize your findings through stunning reports

  • View graph reports within the the system
  • Submit your downloads in HTML, PDF or CSV files

Find a fantastic alternative to SurveyMonkey and design strong mobile forms and surveys . You can get more detailed data anytime and any time… even when you are offline.

Formly Pricing Plan

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