Updowntime Lifetime Deal

With Updowntime, users can quickly review the monitoring information of servers, web pages and APIs. Users can also get the count of how many times the status of their website has changed. It’s currently among the best website monitoring software that are available.

When your server or website is down, you’ll receive an instant alert. The notification will be sent to users via an email. In addition users can also get the number of times their state of the alert has been changed.

Updowntime Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • With complete incident history and analysis of outage data You can pinpoint issues with performance or website downtime.
  • Each type of monitor is assigned a unique URL for posting incident details to this instrument (server website, page or API). The details of the incident can be easily modified and added by the users.
  • You can make use of this page to communicate with your customers and notify them about the downtime. Any server or website could shut down at any time and occur to any person. Most important is that we inform our customers prior to the time of downtime.
  • Users are able to quickly look over the data that monitors Servers as well as Webpages and APIs.
  • With complete historical incident information and outage analysis information, you can tackle problems with website performance or downtimes
  • When your server or website goes down, you’ll receive an immediate notice.
  • Marketers, website developers and analysts are the top candidates.
  • 10 Servers
  • 10 Webpages
  • 10 APIS
  • 15 Data Retention

Updowntime Pricing Plan

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