Lifetime Deal is primarily an interaction tool for audiences that transforms your single-way presentations into interactive discussions with interactivity slides, polls live live streaming words clouds, Q&A or gamify the sessions by using live questions. is primarily an audience interaction tool that turns your one-way presentations into engaging discussions using interactive slides, live polls, Q&A, word clouds, or gamify sessions with live quizzes.

1. Create live polls and share them quickly through WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Facebook or QR codes. You can create diverse types of live polls like multi-choice and rating polls.

Check the results in real-time.

2. You can easily collect questions from any device without downloading or login prerequisites. Moderate questions prior to being accessible to all or the large screen.

3. Make your own live-streamed test and let your guests take part in the voting on any device by using the QR code or link There are no logins required. The leaderboard displays the who is the best at each question.

4. Engage participants from remote locations via live streams embedded in recorded videos.

5. Create interactive meetings and presentations by using slides and adding interactive features such as streaming, polls and quizzes. is primarily designed to solve the issue of engagement in live events meetings, training sessions as well as classrooms. It allows interaction, feedback and engagement through slides and interactive polls and quizzes, and A, as well as live streaming. Trainers and individual speakers along with influencers, SMBs, SMBs along with Digital Marketing agencies use this platform daily to communicate with their clients. is mostly an interactive tool for the audience that converts one-way presentation into interactive discussions with active slides and live polls live streaming words clouds, Q&A or gamify the sessions by using live tests.

Live Polls

Interactive Slides

Live Streaming


Audience Q&A

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