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A Website Analytics Platform That Automates Web Data Analysis & Tracks User Behaviour And Provides AI-Driven Insights.

Website Analytics Tool

The process of analyzing your website’s data is a difficult task. There’s just too much data to process correctly. If your website’s visitors are impressed by your design and layout they are much more inclined to purchase however how do you determine what they actually think of your site?

Get user behaviour information and an easy-to-read representation of user intentions using heatmaps, scroll maps and sessions recordings.

PitchGround Presents CL1CK CL1CK – A Web Analytics Platform that automates Web Data Analysis, and tracks user behavior and provides AI-driven insights.

CL1CK monitors user behavior and offers AI-driven suggestions to optimize your site by quickly analyzing relevant metrics. CL1CK can help you cut down time when it comes to data aggregation as well as visualization to see the way your site is performing.

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Track User Behavior Data – Tracking of automated data of more than 50 user-related metrics. It is benchmarked against industry standards in order to highlight any problems.

Visualize User Behavior –Understand the intentions of users and their behaviors using scroll maps, heatmaps and sessions recordings. Organise user data using easy-to-understand customized visuals.

Discover AI-driven solutionsFind out areas where you’re not performing as in comparison to industry standard. Get automated suggestions for indicators that are underperforming.

Anomaly Detection –Track Over 50 User Metrics. Automated analysis of more than 50 metrics of users. CL1CK analyze your metrics against industry standards and flags the metrics that are not performing.

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps & Session Recordings – Visualise User Intent & BehaviourSession Recordings. Find out the activities of your users and where they’re falling off. CL1CK’s automatic summaries of session recordings makes an analysis of your site’s performance speedy and efficient.

Form Analytics Form Analytics HTML Understand the reactions of visitors to lead forms. Find out why visitors to your website abandoning lead forms and increase the conversion rate of your lead forms.

product upsell– Determine the most effective combinations of products to maximize the revenue potential by using Machine Learning. . Find out if you have items that are more popular when combined.

Based on your customer’s transactions, CL1CK uses Machine Learning to find the most popular combinations of products to increase the amount of revenue you earn.

Button Analytics –Discover which buttons perform best. Find out whether your buttons are being clicked, and what visitors are seeing from the buttons!

What’s the advantages in the use of CL1CK?

  • Automated User Behaviour Monitoring Automated tracking of more than 50 user-related metrics. The benchmarking is done against industry standards to highlight any problems.
  • Data Visualisation for Data: Understand the user’s intent and behaviors with heatmaps scroll maps, and session recordings. Sort user behavior data into effective summaries of the your website’s most popular hovered and clicked elements of your website . You can quickly discover which parts on your website users engage with the most.
  • Explore the latest AI-driven e-commerce solutions. Do you want to sell more products similar to Amazon? Get automated suggestions for product sales and bundle combinations to maximize the revenue of your business using Machine Learning.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Growth Leads
  • E-Commerce Managers
  • Small Agencies
  • Online Businesses

Alternate For – Hotjar

Pros and Cons

Testimonials –

“Knowing CTR for all buttons on my website has been very helpful. Industry benchmarking helps me understand how my website should perform.” – Eugene, Marketing Associate

“My team actively uses CL1CK’s dashboard to identify problems on our website.” – Lawrence, E-Commerce Manager

“Really helped me narrow down to my most important session recordings. Saved me a lot of time!” – Amber, Founder

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