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Sendgomail is for everyone who would like to send stunning campaigns. It easily connects to you SMTP server, meaning you don’t need to alter any settings.

Sendgomail is for anyone who wants to send beautiful campaigns. It connects easily with your SMTP server, so you don’t have to change anything.

Sign up, connect the SMTP server, create your campaign and hit send. That’s it! !

Sendgomail is set to revolutionize the way we market via email and create campaigns for all time.

It’s a software that’s designed to boost open rates and click rates, as well as provide the highest quality and efficiency to your business through the addition of several SMTP servers.


It is possible to create new campaigns, review the open rate of previous campaigns as well as click rates, top countries by clicks and other statistics that are in pie charts. You can also alter the data and then send them out again


Automate the delivery of emails according to a pre-determined time frames to keep your subscribers engaged. Marketing automation via email is a technique that lets marketers send out timed or trigger-triggered promotions to those who are to their mailing list.

Subscriber List

You can check your subscribers lists, n.o of subscribers, open rate of emails, and figures in the article of the pie-chart.

Email Templates

You can create or choose several templates for marketing email campaigns with Sendgomail.

Sending Servers

Server for sendings permit you to include a sending server that actually forwards your emails for campaigns.

You can set up an normal SMTTP server as well as connect with 3rd party services such as Amazon SES Sendgrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, SpartPost..etc.

You can also make use of hosting servers email capabilities by setting up an ” PHP Mail” sending server.

What exactly is Sendgomail perform?

Sendgomail lets you connect to your own SMTP servers in order to deliver email. It’s a simple but robust tool that connects to 50+ SMTPs in order to send your emails.

It’s a software that’s designed to boost the rate of open, click and click and provide the highest efficiency and quality for your company by incorporating several SMTP servers.

Easily Edit Your Profile

Step 1: You are able to modify or edit your settings for your profile by clicking the Account button located on the upper part of the right-hand corner, as shown in the images below.

Step 2: Now you will be presented with a new screen where it is possible to upload your profile image Add your name, include your email address and other important information. You can also create a new password.

Step 3 After that you click on the contact information, you’ll be able to view your personal account’s contact information along with billing and contact information. You can edit or make modify according to your preferences.

Step 4 Subscription:When you click on the button to subscribe You will be able to see your subscription, the plan’s name, plan start dates resting days, as well as other information.

Step 5 LogsIf you click on logs, you’ll be able to view all the logs you have created together with your entire actions.

Step 6. API Token:- You will find the API Token information. And you can renew your token.

Identity of the sender

Sendgomail asks you to verify your identity (the emails or domains you email from) to prove that you are the owner of them and to protect against unauthorized use.

Step 1: Click the Settings button. Go to the sending identity tab via the drop-down menu. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: You will find here the identity of the sender or information about the sender, such as his email address and domain.

Step 3: When you click on the “New Sender” button, you can create an entirely new sender.

How do Domain settings function

Sending domains are used to confirm the sender’s email address is listed in the header headers of an email. Include your verified sending domains in order to forward emails on the behalf of your company.

Step 1: Click the Settings button. Go to the sending domain tab by using the drop-down menu. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: You’ll find here the sender’s domain or the information for your domain.

Step 3: Once you click the button for new domains to send to create a brand new sending domain.

sendgomail is the email service that doesn’t have its own SMTP in addition to this, customers is not likely to encounter any issues.

Sendgomail can connect to any other SMTP using ezaly, however the sendgomail SMTP does not have its own SMTP.

Connect External SMTP

Connect your own SMTP services like Amazon SES, Mailgun etc.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Create stunning emails with ease using the built-in email builders.

Import email list

Simply import your email address in Excel format.

Automation tools

Send Emails with automation to achieve more attention.

Email Tracking

Keep track of all email clicks rate, open and bounce rates.

Feature-Rich Tool

Easy to use tool with an advanced feature for email marketing. Receive real time reports on clicks, opens, and bounces.

Add Multiple SMTPs

Include an SMTP service of your choice to receive all emails sent to your inbox.

List Management

Manage your subscriber’s information effortlessly

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