Channel By SPACE

Channel can make your team chats quick and efficient. Instantly share files or initiate an instant video conference with one click.

Simple and Fast Team Communication Tool

A tool for communication is a must-have tool in every business!

SPACE Channel SPACE is a straightforward but effective tool for team communication that can make your team’s conversations short and productive.

PitchGround Presents Channel By SPACE Channel By SPACE Channel makes team chats quick and productive. Upload instant files and start an audio call by one click.

Space Channel is an easy and speedy team communications tool that has only the essential features to ensure that teams are working in peace and without any confusion. Space Channel’s simple UX makes it simple to use.

Create channels to facilitate efficient and well-organized communication. In-app meetings facilitate rapid decision-making and instant collaboration. You can share instant files or launch an instant video conference with one click.

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Concentrate on conversions from a conversation

Engage in a meaningful discussions with your team and concentrate on the results. We provide software with a few features that drive directly toward boosting productivity. Simple features that meet real needs that don’t overwhelm your team.

Opt for Open & Shut Communication –

Create a channel that is meaningful for conversations, but each discussion must end with a specific conclusion. A channel where you can include people who need to participate in the discussion. You can open the channel by setting the correct agenda, and shut it down when you’re done.

Video and audio calls

Start video and voice calls with just one click. With Channel you can have everything you need in one location. In-app calls are time-saving and are more practical for teams compared to other scheduling applications. No more phone calls. everyone can call space, and it’s guaranteed.

Search quick –

The search function is precise and accurate, and allows you to locate things faster. ESC Search channels, people, messages and ENTER for a jump to them.

What is the benefit of the Channel By SPACE?

  • Fast team communication
  • Communication with a purpose
  • In-app meetings
  • No complex elements to confuse team
  • Utilizing keyboard shortcuts to help you save time
  • Mobile friendly
  • Searching for messages
  • In-app phone calling

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

Alternate For – Slack, Flock

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