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Create, Customize, and Launch Your On-Site Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your Business Growth & Conversion Rate!

All-in-One Marketing Platform To Boost Your Online Business Growth

The growth of your online business is challenging, but you require a variety of tools to attract, retarget and turn your site’s visitors into customers.

It’s a complete marketing platform that grants you access to the tools to aid in accelerating your business expansion.

PitchGround offers Boostools The BoostoolsCreate customizing and launching your marketing campaigns that increase conversion on one platform. You can have complete control over this process, and then analyze the results quickly.

Boostools is the one-stop platform that combines marketing tools for lead generation to engage, re-target and convert users to their website. Utilize seven tools on the same Boostools dashboard to make it easier and enhance the online marketing strategies for Boostools users.

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Capture leads and lead generation by displaying on-site ads –Create fully-customized forms using the editor that is user-friendly and start the lead form campaign by using the powerful setting and triggers for display.

Let your visitors be guided and captured using highly effective On-site messaging ensuring complete control of the experience of your visitors on your site. Utilize lead forms to

  • Increase the number of emails you have on your list
  • Sign up to newsletters
  • Use this guide to navigate your website
  • Promote products and services
  • Offer support, consultation and advice

Form templates that are mobile-friendly Customized templates that are mobile-friendly designs and multi-positioning for desktops and mobile.

Fine-tune Display Settings – Determine what, when, where and which on-site message campaigns will appear on your site, and also how the triggers be activated.

Campaign Analytics & Leads – Review the campaign’s details and track leads that are collected. Edit and export the data into your CRM or other tool to market.

Re-targeting and traffic boost via web-pushBuild your list of subscribers and send out massive or highly targeted web push notifications.

These campaigns let you design and display attractive forms for message capture on your site prior to inviting users to sign up to your Web-push notification. Utilize Web-push to:

  • Collect new signups
  • Build subscriber loyalty
  • Bring traffic to your site
  • Re-target website users
  • Notify me of the latest content
  • Announce promotions in advance.

Attract attention – Transform your visitors to loyal subscribers by using custom or native opt-ins. Actively increase the number of people who are interested in your site.

Re-engage your subscribers – Re-target them using precisely designed relevant web push campaigns. Increase visitors to your website for the duration of.

Increase – Examine your push campaigns, continuously growing subscription rates and increasing CTR of your notifications. Recurring customers and loyal buyers.

Abandoned cart recovery: Ensure that your customers have a better checkout rate by reminding your customers to make the purchase.

Reviews and Ratings – Your store will be more vibrant by using this Product Review and Rating tool!

Upload your store’s product review list for setting up and place them on appropriate pages, increasing your online store’s confidence and increasing sales through review notifications that turn your customer reviews into sales.

NudgesUse Nudges to serve as the FOMO advertising tool in order to improve the number of visitors and converts to the site.

Inspire visitors to take beneficial actions on your website. You can share dynamic site information and custom messages to improve the conversion rate of visitors. This assists in:

  • Increase sign-ups and purchase conversions by displaying actual customers’ actions and persuasive advantages of your site
  • Improve your site’s trust and retention rate by providing them with social proofs of your services such as ratings for services and products
  • Reduce the Lleads purchase cost and budgets for marketing ads

WidgetsRetain your customers by offering different kinds of Widgets

Utilize a variety of templates that are ready-to-use with text messages that are universally applicable to different topics. There is no the minimum “edit” needed to make any kind of marketing notification. Make use of Widgets for:

  • Inform and engage the public about your activities
  • Connect with other users of the website
  • Request feedback from visitors.
  • Boost video content
  • Make announcements
  • Make sure to promote your blog

Build trust – announce and inform, solicit feedback guide, and provide reviews to visitors to your site to ensure that they’re on the right track.

Template – Select the template you have already created, adjust the display settings and then launch your Widget campaign in a matter of seconds!

Join your customers – Increase leads through immediate online support, and boost the possibility of following-up. Connect with your customers via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and various other messaging channels.

Engage your site customers, advertise your products as well as special offers offer support, communicate with your clients, record contact details, gather statistic data, and much more.

Configure, analyze, and manage Buttons campaigns The Buttons by Boostools campaign Buttons created by Boostools is a powerful chat tool that is easy to set up advanced features and display settings that significantly boost your conversion rates, and provide your website more possibilities with an integrated messaging tool.

Exit Tab Exit Tab HTML0 Utilize Exit Tab to return customers who leave your site. Bring them back and help them return to your site.

Utilize this Blinking Exit tab in your browser to get back sales as well as return visitors who exit. Use Exit Tab to:

  • Attract the attention of potential customers
  • Return to visitors on the website
  • Create customized messages

for Shopify Store Integrate Boostools seamlessly into your store via its own, fully featured Shopify application. Enhance your conversion, increase sales, and boost your E-commerce business.

What are the benefits from using Boostools?

  • All-in-One app for engaging, retargeting & converting visitors.
  • Single interface, one price universal script, universal support for the major decisions for increasing the conversion of E-commerce sales.
  • Reduces the cost of investing in several channels at a time.
  • A common interface, unified settings and management, as well as payment and customer support.
  • A single platform and an array of instruments plus one script = speedy web page loading speed, without unnecessary code-setting.
  • Integration with Shopify App

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs
  • Marketers

Alternate For – Privy, Optimonk

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