WC Affiliate Lifetime Deal

WC Affiliate Introduction

WC Affiliate is the best option to set up a fully-featured affiliate program to a WooCommerce store. It’s a product of Codexpert the team who created a number of renowned plugins, such as Woolementor ShareLogins and Woolementor.

Prominent Features:

  • Referral Tracker WC Affiliate helps you track your visitors who you refer to them with ease and accuracy. You can choose any duration of the cookie’s validity time so that your affiliate partners will feel secure! You can choose if the new visit you refer to be able to replace the previous one or not. – 
  • Customer Discount If a user clicks an affiliate’s hyperlink and makes a purchase through the WooCommerce shop, then you could offer the customer a discounts too! This is extremely beneficial for the affiliates since the people who visit their stores are much more inclined to click their links and buy.
  • Advanced Report WC Affiliate brings an advanced report system that contains complete information on visits, affiliatesand referrals transactions, visits, and more. Reports can be exported to CSV format too.
  • Graphs & Charts Charts and graphs are excellent tools to display your information and give an overview of it. WC Affiliate includes some awesome bars and graphs that present your reports such as visitors and referrals, for example.
  • Custom Shortlinks Short URLs are generally favored by both customers and affiliates since they are both attractive and simple to remember. It has an built-in URL shortener tool to aid you in growing and protecting your brand without advantage of third service providers.
  • Email Notifier Do not let your affiliates go without important information. WC Affiliate email updater lets you inform users of their affiliate account status payment approval, account status, request, and much more.
  • Multi-level Commission Increase your business’s growth exponentially by utilizing multi-level marketing. As an administrator you can decide the level at which commissions to be paid at, and whether the commissions are percentage-based or fixed. It is possible to have an unlimited number of affiliates per level.
  • One-click Payout Affiliates can request a payment by clicking. Administrators can make payments to affiliates for the amount due through their dashboard. Easy !
  • Complete Logs Check all your affiliate programs using WC Affiliate in a simpler method. WC Affiliate helps you to keep track of important information such as the total balance of your affiliation, payments and referrals, so you can keep track of all aspects of your affiliate programs.
  • Banner Builder With WC Affiliate, you can create banners to show across referral hyperlinks. They are completely customizable and can be shaped however you’d like.
  • Affiliate Dashboard You can look over your affiliate programs by taking the flick of an eye by using the web-based WC Affiliate dashboard. WC Affiliate has a really comprehensive dashboard that shows every major statistic, such as referrals, visits, earnings and conversions, the top affiliates, and more.
  •  CSV Export Save the important data from your affiliate program with your CSV Export feature of WC Affiliate. Never have to worry about data loss again.
  • Cookie Sharing The sharing of an affiliate link on one website and the tracking of referrals on another would be awesome, wouldn’t you think? It’s now possible thanks to WC Affiliate! Now you can run several independent sites linked via affiliate systems. 
  • Fully Customizable The WC Affiliate Dashboard can be fully customizable. Administrators can customize the commission rate for affiliates, cookie Expiry time and Customer commission rate Referral status, and more. Are you interested in integrating an affiliate dashboard into WooCommerce’s My Account page? You are able to do it too.
  • All Automated WC Affiliate lets you become more focused on your business and manage your affiliate programs using a completely automated system. What is the time to wait? Make the switch today to fully automated and cut down on as much as 30% of your work load by using the most popular affiliate plugin available there!

Wc affiliate Pricing Plan

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