Textalky Lifetime Deal

A strong A.I text-to-speech voiceover that can cover more than 80 accents and languages.

Over 630 different types of realistic human voices will meet your requirements.

Textalky Lifetime Deal

Intro Video

Textalky is a cloud-based A.I technology that can convert any text into a believable Human voice with technology that is the Latest Artificial Intelligence technology powered by Google, IBM, Microsoft & Amazon.


Dashboard Overview

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Textalky Lifetime Deal
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Textalky Lifetime Deal
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Textalky Lifetime Deal
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Textalky Lifetime Deal
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 Enjoy A Wide Range Of Text to Speech Voice Effects.The Synthetized Audios You Receive will be exactly as you want them

How Textalky Works

Change any text or script into a real-life neural voice in just 3 easy steps with Textalky which is a powerful A.I text-to-speech software that provides a realistic voiceover program that includes more than 80 accents and languages and more than 630 types of realistic human voices that will meet most of your requirements.

The technology has been stated in Forbes as “the greatest advancement in the field of artificial voice generation in over 20 years.”

Textalky is a great tool for different fields:

  • creating video Sales Letters: Imagine you have a voice-over artist who speaks in over 80 languages and accents using the 630 different male and female voices!
  • Tutorials and Videos for education: It is now possible to create any kind of tutorial video and educational with any type of language (80+) and in any audio (630+)
  • marketing videos:The ceiling is yours. You can increase sales through advertising campaigns by speaking to people in their native languages with a warm, human voice!
  • It’s not magic!
  • YouTube: Create a professional YouTube narration audio and Vlog immediately in any language you like.

What is the purpose of Textalky?

This is a suggestion only you can use Textalky in any Field Sky is the limit…
Textalky Lifetime Deal

TexTalky Plan

  • 1,000,000 Characters
  • 10,000 characters per month
  • Cloud audio storage + mp3/ogg/wav download format
  • multiple voice effects plus SSML Tag support
  • 630 Type of Voices
  • 80+ International Languages & Accents
  • Cloud WaveNet A.I Technology

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