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Schedule & Optimize Your Team Planning Efficiently, Increase Profitability & Keep Everyone In The Loop With The Drag-n-Drop Tool.

Team Scheduling and Project Resource Planning Software

Planning and scheduling projects and teams is a major issue for many companies but is essential and must be carried out.

This tool can make the most of your team’s resources and abilities by implementing the right planning and scheduling of resources with the real-time visualization solution to efficiently manage your team.

PitchGround Presents Teambook

¬†Create and optimize your Team’s Planning Effectively and increase profits while keeping Everyone in the Loop By Using The Drag-n-Drop Tool.

Teambook is the essential tool to boost your project management skills. Take a look at the workload of your consultants through the visual team board(s) and check who’s available at the blink of an eye.

Create a map of your team’s strengths and make the most that your staff members can make. Get rid of guesswork or overworked staffers, and make the most of the talents of your team members.

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Quick Booking & Update It takes just one click to assign one or multiple resource to an project. You can book multiple units or single units simultaneously while keeping track of the budget of your project and finding the right resource for the job by filtering and tags.

If you’re unsure what time the work is scheduled to take place make the bookings preliminary and then confirm them in the future. Don’t be concerned about modifications, Teambook makes it headache-free by allowing drag and drop and bulk edit capabilities.

Teambook Project Info

Effective Planner Effective PlannerTeambook’s planner board provides an easy-to-read overview of the activities in your business It is easy to identify who’s working on what , when, who’s available and who’s not.

Displays from 2 weeks to three months for navigation easily between the past, present and future reservations. Tags can be used to monitor the abilities of your team members and get the information in a single glance using clever visual clues.

It assists companies of all sizes increase their team’s efficiency and productivity with a visually-oriented planner as well as a variety of tools that provide managers with an instant overview of the availability of their teams as well as their skills and usage.

Fastly Find the Best Talent The Right Talent Teambook’s smart tag-based system of identification is the ideal method for you to “customise” your employees and collaborators. Make use of it to assign abilities to your consultants and ensure that they are assigned to projects that are in line with their expertise.

Better CommunicationTeambook integrates advanced communication features and connects to your preferred tools to ensure that everyone in your team – from your employees to your clients – remains up-to-date.

Customize the look and feel of the page with Filters that are powerful The HTML0 filter is a powerful tool for customizing the view.Looking for a particular skill or job? Don’t worry, you can find the ideal consultant for your job with the help of an effective filtering system. Sort the team board according to clients, projects tags, users or advanced filters, and mix them to get more precise.

Teambook To Do List

Personal Homepage Personal HomepageAll team members have personal pages that display all the information they require.

Email NotificationsYour team members will receive daily reports of any changes that took place throughout the day, as well as their schedule for the week once per week.

Calendar SubscriptionTeambook users can connect their calendars with their favorite calendar and view it while on the move.

Client Link Make sure your customers are informed by sharing a special link to their planning for their project with them.

No Installation Required – An internet browser as well as an an internet access is all you require. There is no installation, and there is no software to get going in a matter of seconds.

Powerful AnalysisKeep the eye of your performance indicators by using a complete collection of indicators.

For availability, utilization or productivity, Teambook gives you the ability to not only see the data, but to further improve them by using filters. This is the same for the billable, non-billable, or time-off throughout the month. you’ll never lose the data you require.

What’s the advantages from Teambook? Teambook?

  • Find out who’s working in real-time, evaluate the performance of your employees and keep an eye on the pulse of your company.
  • Track resource utilization
  • Make more profit and take better decisions by gaining a comprehensive picture of your team’s performance.
  • Unlimited number of team members/users/clients and members

Best Suited For –

  • Companies that manage their employees or resources plan and schedule their employees
  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Agencies & Consultancy firms
  • IT & Web Companies

Alternate For – Resource Guru

Integrations –

Harvest, Zapier, Google Calendar, API

Testimonials –

“I like Teambook; it’s quick, intuitive and easy to use. Their design makes team scheduling easier and allows me to focus on business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is without a doubt our teams’ productivity increase.” – Daniela Fowkes, Aspediens

“Teambook makes it super easy to sync with my calendar and helps me organise my week better.” – Simon Farine, Ratio

“Very useful tool to manage resources and several plannings. As a project manager, I was planning all the resources for all the projects via Teambook. It’s easy to see if there are holes in your team’s schedule. Easy to use on a daily basis for all kinds of profiles (end-user, project manager, manager) – Easy to create new plans, new users, new projects. A great visual tool offering calendar integration.” – Colette. Nestle

“As I started to use Teambook I was doing planning with excel sheets which was really exhausting. I had to update my team regularly and the output was not really clear and pleasant to look at. Teambook gives me and my team a great overview which helps me take the right decisions timely in terms of planning and utilization.” – Nina, DXC Fruition Partner

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