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A Virtual Workspace With One-Click Voice Chat Rooms & Collaboration For Remote & Hybrid Teams

A Virtual Workspace With One-Click Voice Chat Rooms & Collaboration

Virtual Workspaces has become a necessity for businesses that are moving to working remotely or having a remote team. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that teams are in sync for the company to operate efficiently.

To assist in figuring this out To help, we offer Talkie an online workspace designed for remote teams. You can easily communicate with ease using a quick and simple 1-click collaboration using only voice.

PitchGround Presents Talkie the TalkieA Virtual Workspace that can be accessed with one click. Voice Chat Rooms and Collaboration for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Talkie removes meetings links, and allows you to switch between various channels and increases presence, giving distributed teams the ability to work in the same.

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Quick Meetings – Unplanned interactions can lead to crucial results. Talkie allows you to have quick, short conversations using a 1-click audio chats, similar to when you’ve walked past your teammate on the street.

Rapid Setup Reduce time and energy, and send and record voice updates via shareable link and real-time transcriptions. Stay connected to your team members and concentrate on the tasks that matter. Transfer files, and much more.

Rapid CollaborationNo more waiting around for people to join in a meeting. You will know precisely the time and number of people have joined in a conversation. Don’t waste time waiting.

Every space is stocked with work surfaces that you can easily take notes take notes, record your tasks, and discuss ideas.

Integrate your workflows with Talkie and Slack.Connect Talkie and the other tools that you use to help make your meeting, management, or productivity workflows more efficient using Google Calendar and Slack.

Reducing friction in communication by using integrations using plugins such as Miro Remote-browsing GSuite, Trello & White Board.

Use Cases –

  • Design Teams – Quickly Brainstorming challenges? Chat with colleagues in a single click. You can also utilize screen sharing to get participants up to speed. If you’re unable to communicate in real-time.
  • Team members from Product teams – when making a roadmap of your priorities The first thing you want are videos that take the entire screen. Engage in a voice chat with your team members, connect your screen and take advantage of Talkie’s light audio bubbles as an overlay as you concentrate on the work at hand making plans.
  • Teams of leaders Teams of leaders Culture and Trust is all about communicating the vision of the company clearly and aligning teams. Leaders and founders participate in daily standups and all-hands updates and send it out to the team , or check in quick and keep in touch with people all over the world.

What is the benefit in Moving to Talkie?

  • Simple, quick and safe
  • Reduce time and save money on monthly subscriptions
  • Create a culture and presence within your team
  • Expand beyond time zones to decrease the friction between remote workers

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Business
  • Agencies
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs

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