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A Simple Tool To Manage Your OKRs Which Helps The Team To Set Meaningful Goals. Measure Your Progress & Achieve Desired Results.

Unique Approach To Goal Setting Via Objectives and Key Results

With a hefty workload It can be a stressful experience for both you as well as your colleagues to meet the goal you set each month. This is why OKR can be an easy and effective method to set goals for your team without worrying about them.

If you’re working in an organization that is a team size it is essential that each member achieves the goals they set for themselves. The most effective way to accomplish this is to implement OKR(s) for every team member.

OKR is an acronym as Objectives and Key Performances, and is the perfect way to evaluate your performance in the long run. OKR by Space is an easy but efficient OKR tool that can make managing OKRs more efficient to manage than it has ever been.

PitchGround has launched Space OKR – A simple tool to manage your OKRs that helps the Team to establish meaningful goals. Measure Your Progress & Achieve Desired Results.

SPACE OKR is a simple and easy tool to make as well as manage OKRs. It’s simple and offers an overview of your company’s operations on one page by only one click. Fully customizable and negotiable OKR tool that allows you to implement of your objectives. Execution is linked to individuals, so there are filters that allow you to observe the progress of everyone and anyone in relation to their objectives.

The tool is easy to use for goals management, the regular reminders on a weekly and daily basis ensure you’re not off track and aids to make decisions in a timely manner.

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Much better than a spreadsheet –Build substantial, tangible, action-oriented, and inspiring goals

The person responsible for each goal and key outcome – There is only one person responsible to the entire objective, but team members can assist in achieving the goal by generating multiple key results.

No learning curveNo formal training is required to induction of the team and the goals within the framework.

Team filter that can be customized You can monitor individuals according to the criteria you prefer Every user is able to create an individual team filter.

Algorithm-based recommendations –Enable suggestions based on the system that let you know where your assistance is required or if isn’t working, you can check it out.

The organizational hierarchyGo from top to bottom by using organization hierarchy system. There are a variety of hierarchy system that can be displayed in a comprehensive manner.

It is easy to update status and schedule weekly check-insThere is only one person responsible for all the goals, but team members can contribute to reaching that goal by generating numerous key outcomes.

Export actionable insights to CFR-Organizational level or team level. individuals. We have covered it all you need to do is click to download.

Connect OKR to any app Utilize webhooks and link your everyday work to your objectives. Connect to 200+ business applications including Jira to Slack by using it’s native integrations.

What are the benefits from using Space OKR?

  • Simple tool
  • Simple tracking of goals
  • Single page view and customisation of OKRs
  • Reminders for daily and weekly schedules for checking in via Email
  • Be sure that everyone is aligned to Organisational Objectives
  • Provides a clear and transparent perspective of the organization

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs

Alternate For – Profitco, Simple Okr

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