Robolly Lifetime Deal


Robolly is a program that can create customized marketing images and PDFs within minutes. Robolly’s design automation removes the need for designers to work doing routine tasks, allowing them to work on more innovative tasks.

With the editor’s simple interface it is possible to create your own template using the browser.You can make it yourself , or select from the 100+ templates they have already created and alter to suit your needs. It is possible to create quotes Tweets, blog images, blog pictures, images for events and podcasts, create YouTube thumbnails, PPC banners, etc.

Robolly makes use of artificial intelligence to produce amazing designs for your business saving your time and money hiring a costly designer. With the help of Robolly you’ll be able to spend your time coming up with new ideas rather than creating them. In just a few clicks, your graphics are automatically generated using AI-powered technology. The greatest part? They can be customized by you using your own words and colors!

Roboly is specially designed for those who wish to distinguish themselves from rest. Roboly can create thousands of unique designs , and saves you the time and effort of working every day.

Robolly Features

  • Template editor – Allows you to create professional-looking templates and create professional-looking images and PDF certificates.
  • On-demand API: Generate templates-based graphics in a programmatic way, and create an automated workflow for your web server.
  • Secured rendering links to avoid unauthorised changes, you could create an HMAC-SHA256 certificate using your API key. Add the signature to the render link by using a signature question string.
  • Smart caching means you don’t have to wait around for files to load prior to when they begin
  • Unlimited Datasets Dataset is spreadsheet-like interface that allows users to input information (dynamic information) as well as render multiple pictures with one click.
  • Unlimited Templates – Design an unlimited template that you would like.
  • Custom fonts – Use your own fonts and designs to create an image template that can be used to create documents in PDF or images.
  • Ultra-high resolution – Create ultra-high resolution images for your photos.
  • Team members are able to collaborate and share files on projects.

Deal Highlight

  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Datasets
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Automate Your Marketing Visuals
  • Custom Fonts
  • Template editor
  • On-demand API
  • Secured render links
  • Smart caching
  • Simple-to-use Editor
  • Ultra High-Resolution Support
  • One-click Import Gallery
  • Up to 2 codes can be stacked per account
  • 60-day return policy

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