Ria Money Transfer Review

With a global network of 507,000 points of contact in the 160 different countries of our network, For more information on Ria Money Transfer Review

Introduce with Ria Money Transfer

Best Ria Money Transfer Review

Ria Money Transfer, which is one of the subsidiaries of Euronet Worldwide, lets you send money online, via the mobile app, or in person, to over 150 countries. The network of over 350,000 physical locations where you can pick up cash is among the largest networks of its kind worldwide.

Ideal if you want rapid transfers that are transferred as cash to pick up.

How do I send money online with Ria Money Transfer:

Enter with the address, name and the phone number of the recipient. Directly to a bank account? It’s not a problem. Simply include their bank’s address and number of their account as well.

Information about payments

Enter your payment details. You can make a payment using either a debit or credit card or your bank account. Certain payment options are more affordable, while others are more efficient. For instance, when it comes to send money online with a debit or credit card, the transfer usually takes only just a few minutes to complete!

Choose how you want your recipient to receive the cash. You can directly deposit the funds into the bank account of your choice or let your recipient collect the cash at a local spot Some countries* provide delivery to your home!

After you have hit the send button, your money will be going to be there. Be sure to take a look at our helpful Track a Transfer tool to find where your money is within the process of money transfer.

International Money Transfer Online Done Right

Are you looking to send money overseas to friends, family or loved ones? At Ria we’ve prepared for you. We’ve been transferring money internationally quickly, efficiently, securely, and effectively for more than 30 years. Money transfers can be sent internationally to 507,000 locations across 160 countries.

Transfer send money online abroad the simple method

To make an international transfer of money online, all you require is internet access. Then, you’ll have to decide if you’d prefer to make a bank account transfer or with your credit or debit card. In general banking account transfers are less expensive, however it will take longer. With a credit or debit card, the majority of money transfers will be delivered to your desired destination in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that the credit card company might charge you with an advance fee for cash which is why we suggest you use a debit card. For more information about rates and speeds

Payout options that are effortless

Our money transfer services internationally help you receive cash in a flash. Your recipient can collect cash swiftly and easily at any of our many thousand Ria locations across the world. If they’d like, they could also transfer the funds directly into their account at their bank. In certain countries, we offer delivery to homes to ensure that your customer can access their money at the ease of their own home or office. Check out the complete list of countries where Ria provides home delivery

No more lines and crowds

Do not worry about long waits and crowds. Connect your tablet, mobile device or computer to transfer money overseas regardless of where you are. Our aim is to ensure that your money is transferred to your destination in time each time.

Best Ria Money Transfer Review

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Colombia | Dominican Republic | El Salvador | Ghana | India | Mexico | Nigeria | Philippines | Senegal | Togo | More countries

Remitly Money Transfer Review

In only a few minutes I’ll tell you if Remitly is the right option for you. They claim, “no hidden fees, 24/7 customer support and a the promise of delivery”

Remitly is a website-based money transfer service that allows you to transfer money quickly via within the U.S. to over 90 countries, focusing on the Americas. Alternatives to speedy delivery in minutes typically be more expensive, however Remitly is able to balance speed and quality with reasonable costs. The company typically charges flat fees of about $4 to send money, dependent on the country of origin, the amount to be transferred and payment method.

Remitly Money Transfer Review
Remitly Transfer Delivered

Remitly’s exchange rates typically are marked up from less than 1% to under 3%. It all is dependent on the currency and payment method. However, they’re generally on par with competitors similar to them.

What’s an interest rate markup? And which is the rate at mid-market?

This review of Remitly is designed for U.S.-based customers who wish to transfer funds in the U.S. and abroad only.

Check out your options: Discover the fees banks charge for wire transfer

Ideal for:

Customers who are looking for lower or free options to transfer money quickly and with a simple mobile application experience.

Remitly Money Transfer pros

Quick delivery options. Remitly is able to send money to recipients in just minutes, if you’re using the debit card.

Delivery options that are cheap and/or free. There is a Remitly Economy option that lets you transfer money for charges starting at $3.99 or send up to $1,000 at no cost to certain countries.

Discount rates. New users of Remitly can enjoy a lower promotional rate for only a small amount dependent on the recipient country. (Expiration dates for the promotions are subject to change at any time by Remitly at any point.)

Excellent customer service. Telephone support is available 24/7 and in English and Spanish as well as live chat is also accessible all hours of the day for English, Spanish and French. Remitly’s FAQ section on its website provides a concise listing of frequently asked questions, arranged into categories, and is accessible with 11 language options.

An excellent mobile experience. Remitly’s mobile apps provide extremely positive user experience. It has earned an 4.9-star review for iOS users, and 4.8 points for Android users both on a scale of 5 stars.

Remitly Money Transfer cons

Sending limits aren’t as high. From $2,999 to $10,000 (depending on the amount of details you give to verify your identity) the limits for sending significantly lower than other competitors’, including some which do not place a limit on the amount you can send.

  • The cost of credit card charges. Credit card transfers that are funded with a credit card will cost an additional three percent of the amount spent and is the same as the fees charged by some of our competitors and less than some.
  • Extended delivery times for the Economy options. Transfers with lower costs, made through accounts with banks, will take three to five days to be delivered.
  • Are you searching for more options to transfer funds across the globe? Explore the top ways to transfer funds internationally

Methods of transfer and options for transferring money to Remitly

Remitly provides a variety of ways of transferring money. Here’s a list of the options available:

The channels for sending money: Remitly’s website and mobile application.

Payment choices: U.S. bank account, credit card, debit card — the standard for all online services. It is also possible to pay using a pre-paid debit cards.

Delivery options: Bank deposits at the recipient’s bank cash pickup in pharmacies, stores or banks Mobile account deposit or delivery to your home.

Limits on transfer: Generally speaking the limit is $2,999 within 24hrs the first time you sign-up with Remitly. The limit can be raised to $6,000 when you provide additional details to verify your identity or the source of funds, or up to $10,000 if you provide details regarding your usage of Remitly. The amount you are able to send in a single month is set at $30,000. Certain providers do not place an upper limit on the amount you can transfer.

>> Are you interested in comparing different transfer options? Find the most efficient ways to Remitly Money Transfer Review

General advice on international transfer of funds

1. Compare the transfer cost across several providers.

There are two kinds of charges: upfront fees and markup on exchange rates. Find the service that offers the most affordable combination of the lowest fee and the highest exchange rate available. The majority of nonbanks online offer lower rates for transactions than banks.

2. Learn about how exchange rates are made (and how to determine which rates are the most efficient).

A rate of exchange is the value of one currency relative to the other currency. For instance, if you would like to change U.S. dollars to euros and vice versa, you’ll need to know the value of the value of a U.S. dollar is worth in euros. Transfer providers typically won’t provide an exchange rate that you’d see on a currency exchange platform like that at bloomberg.com (or when you search for exchange rates) However, the platform for currency exchange can serve as a useful start point for knowing what the most favorable rate looks like in the present. If you are looking up the exchange rate of international transfers using services such as Ria Money Transfer, Remitly etc.

3. Don’t pay using credit cards.

It’s an option offered by some providers, however there could be a greater upfront cost and the credit card issuer might add additional charges like interest and cash advance charges. If you need money delivered quickly, use a debit card instead. Direct transfer made through a bank account is typically slower.