Procurelist Lifetime Deal

It makes it easier to order purchases for an institution or a business through their vendors. This reduces the carbon footprint of their business by reducing the usage of paper.

Being a business owner in industries like manufacturing,
pharmaceuticals, mining, electronics or sort, your growth significantly
depends on your suppliers. You know how important it is to be on the
same page with your vendors while placing your supplies. Procurelist
helps you ease that process and effectively improves your purchase order
operations while keeping your team in the loop.

  • Data inaccuracies for suppliers, orders, payments, etc
  • Insufficient communication between accounts payable.
  • A long or unclear requisition, or approval procedure
  • Inconsistent procurement process across the entire the organization

Businesses can utilize this software to quickly create purchase requests and send requests for quotations to vendors, check to award and approve POs generate receipts and get bills directly from suppliers.

Within Procurelist you can invite vendors to keep your team updated with all orders updates.It assists you manage your spending through budgeting. You can also track your inventory and get notifications when you have items that are not in stock and all of this is accessible from the cloud-based application.
Procurelist keeps your team members current and minimizes the chance of errors in your data, which makes your entire process smoother.
Take advantage of you can from the money and time you could save by changing your purchasing process.

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