Pirsonal Lifetime Deal


If you’re searching for the best tool to personalize your video then take a look at Pirsonal. This cutting-edge platform lets users to design a custom video in just a few clicks the mouse.

With Pirsonal you can pick from hundreds of royalty-free resources and modify them to meet your preferences. You can also modify videos by overlaying text stickers, emoticons, filters and videos.

It’s user-friendly and ideal for people who wish to edit their videos and customize their marketing strategy to get higher conversion rates.

Pirsonal Player can be described as a customized video player that lets you create superpowers for any video to make sure that your viewers react. In a large scale, one at a time, it will automatically

Pirsonal Lifetime Deal

How to use Pirsonal :

The Pirsonal Dashboard will greet you with complete stats of your campaigns, including but not only the number of hours watched, clicks and engagement rates, among others.

Utilizing the built-in templates you can design dynamic email marketing landing pages or campaigns with custom call-to-action buttons without having to blow your budget. budget.You can also personalize the background image, logo as well as the calendar and text for the page for each one of your customers.

You can also add any interactive forms, customized CTAs anywhere you’d like in the video. This will automatically.

You can upload videos, (or) hyperlink the video to Amazon S3 by providing the bucket’s name, or you can you can use a previously hosted video via Pirsonal accounts and then stream the video via the CDN.

Simply click “Save” to save the video uploaded . videos will be played using the “Adaptive streaming” technology, similar to the way it is used on YouTube. Pirsonal will automatically alter how the videos are played in accordance with the internet’s bandwidth.

Choose the next step, which is to select the information you’d like to show on your landing page, including your company logo iFrame number (if there is one), CTA, etc.

Review the preview, and then publish your campaign only if satisfied with the first result.

Click here to follow the video’s progress – You can view the reactions and actions here.

Additionally, you can show dynamic videos . For example If leads come via Zapier, you could download the video’s URL and format, text etc. out of thousands of YouTube videos, each with an unique ID, a distinct landing page, and a unique CTA for each of them

The ID for the video is created by itself and all the information such as Name, Email ID and Company. are passed through the webhooks API (if you integrate to MailChimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign or HubSpot)

Pirsonal Lifetime Deal

Deal Highlight

  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Unlimited Video Embeds
  • Unlimited Plays
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited, Personalized Call To Actions
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Forms in video (API only, but soon via the UI and integrations)
  • Unlimited CTA Updates
  • Custom HTML Calls to Action
  • Full HD Videos
  • Video Analytics
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Dynamic Video Source
  • HTML5 Video Player
  • HLS Adaptive Streaming
  • MP4, OCG, WebM
  • Behaviour Based Triggers & Actions
  • Anonymized URLs with
  • The option to host your videos
  • Integrations Zapier, Integrately, MailChimp, API, Amazon S3
  • You can stack up to 7 codes per account
  • Integrations and updates to the future are also included.
  • 30 days return policy

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