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Do You Want to streamline the process of Email management? Now you can send your emails, reply and receive all of your Domain’s email messages through only one email account. The secret to make your solo business looking like a Fortune 500 business.

Do you find managing Multiple Email IDs challenging?

Mutant Mail is the ideal solution to simplify managing your email.

Mutant Mail is the only server-side solution to manage all your domain-related emails all in one location and it isn’t just an Email Client.

Imagine 5 domains each one with five email alias(admin support, support, help legal contact). This would be 25 email IDs.

Do we need to log in into each email to maintain the identity of the domain?

We certainly didn’t.
Therefore, we created an email service that you can get, send and then reply from one inbox.

All you have to do is to click reply on the email you received and the recipient will get an email response to the email address associated with your domain.

All domains can be linked in Mutant Mail, receive email to a destination’s inbox, then click reply, and the email is sent out to recipient by using the domain’s email address.

Although we’ve got a beautiful interface for managing everything, we guarantee that you don’t need to log into our system to do your everyday tasks. Everything is done at the ease in your Inbox.

Watch this intro-video here..

You can now get lifetime access to the site!

Mutant Mail has been built specifically to address the dreaded issue.

A challenge that almost all of us face on a daily basis.

Keep track of multiple Email IDs from multiple domains.

No more logging into so many email ids.

There’s no need to keep track of every email ID’s credentials.

It’s no longer necessary to setup every email address using pop/imap or other such things.

There is no need to go through the drop-down menus to select an email to reply and then re-checking to see if you sent from the correct address.

The current solution for managing multiple email addresses across domains isn’t adaptable.

With Mutant Mail the customers of Mutant Mail have managed to manage 245 email IDs across 20 domains, using only 2 Inbox.

It’s a leap ahead of the capabilities of all email clients due to being a server-side application.

It’s the most efficient way to manage your emails . Inbox of your preference.

The most amazing thing is that we don’t store your email addresses at all.

It is a part of the email service you choose to give your information to.

Privacy and security is built into the base level, which is why we don’t take note of or read any emails.

Monitor each email that has failed and what caused it by sending us notifications.

Rules for configuring PGP/GPG encryption headers to block spam from our servers.

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