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Increase the number of followers on your Twitter by generating leads, engagement and Sales with Artificial Intelligence and Automation!

All-In-One Solution For Growth & Lead Generation on Twitter

With thousands of tweets being posted every second, this demonstrates how much people are making use of Twitter as a platform for conversation to establish their brand. For businesses the conversations on Twitter are valuable sources of information from customers. Twitter Twitter will help you study the latest trends and topics that your customers are interested in, so that you can communicate with them with greater effectiveness.

How you design your tweets and engage your followers using Twitter is extremely effective in creating your brand’s personality and increasing awareness. This can be used to provide an occasion for you company or client to gather vital feedback that will help you improve your products, and to provide the support that customers require.

With Twitter you can build your company’s and your personal followers and create leads. Build and increase the value of your Twitter account. the most effective method is making use of this tool.

PitchGround PresentsMakezu the opportunity toGrow Your Twitter by generating Leads and Engagement as well as Sales by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Automation!

Begin conversations when someone has an need is the most effective method to receive replies and boost growth. Connect with leads, customize Direct messages, automate follow-up and much more.

With Makezu the ability to create individual conversations with potential outreach customers and advertise your business on a massive large scale. Make money from your Twitter account by creating new sales funnels that you can use for
your brand, business or organization blog your brand, organization, podcast, newsletter and much more.

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Create and schedule content to advertise your services or products.

Automatically manage your Twitter Marketing for your business – Search for prospective customers and send personalized Direct Messages to the scale of.

  1. Enhance your click and response rates by talking to every prospective customer on a one-on-1 level.
  2. Start a campaign that will assist people in the need.
  3. Write your own custom messages and call-to actions.
  4. Create your marketing campaign as well as DM sequence.

The Key Moment: If the most effective moment to boost sales for your company is a particular Key Life moment, select the Key Life Moment to create your marketing campaign. Get started

Make your link’s previews look appealing Pick a picture to upload, and then add a customized title and description and receive more clicks.

Automate Follow-Up: Tweeting to Prospects – Build your connections, and then launch Direct Message sequences, send follow-up messages when a potential client clicks your links and increase the number of real-world opportunities for your business.

  1. Create an DM sequence to reach your target audience.
  2. Determine your number of actions to be taken and the call-to-actions.
  3. Create the behavior for when someone clicks on your link.
  4. Start the DM sequence.

Maintain your Twitter Account On Autopilot to Gain more Followers faster and attract more leads – increase the number of followers you have engagement, impressions, and engagement with the help of Artificial Intelligence to Auto-Post latest content, Auto-Retweet and Auto Follow via Twitter.

  1. Automate the posting of your articles, RSS feeds and other content.
  2. Retweet and like the most popular tweets that relate to your company
  3. Create custom welcome messages to new followers.
  4. Follow the Followers of your competitors’ accounts.

Auto-Posts, Auto Like and Auto-Retweet: Pick topics that are relevant to you. Makezu the Retweets you post attractive include smart hashtags to enhance the impressions you get from your tweets.

Auto-Follow Followers of Competitors – Use your competitors’ followers to increase your growth speed.

Automatically send a welcome messages directly to followers who have joined your network.

Increase Your Twitter Followership – Engage your followers with relevant content from now on while also staying current with the most recent trends in your field. Make the Auto-Post automation, include keywords related to your field, select the language you want to use and then start your automated system.

You can Quote tweets via autopilot, or simply Retweet tweets using Makezu. Select keywords that match your business, then add variations to your tweets and allow Makezu provide the most relevant tweets to you.

Auto-Share the latest blog posts Makezu can help you to promote your blog’s content. Input in your RSS link, and add hashtags, and that’s all there is to it!

Begin your Awareness Strategy by following your competitors Followers. Connect with the top followers of your competitors to grow and draw more customers to your brand by making use of your rivals.

Unfollow unpopular users. Automatically remove followers from undesirable users that don’t fit your brand in any way. This increases your authority and credibility as your account has engaged followers.

Send an auto-welcome message to help promote your brand – Interact with your new followers to make them feel appreciated on a personal basis, boost your brand’s awareness and create a more effective customer-facing channel.

Make Follow-Up Sequences that keep your followers and prospects happy Get the chance to increase the response rate by sending customized and Automated Follow-Up Sequences.

Create Direct Message Sequences to help you with you Growth Strategy – Automate Twitter direct messages to reach out to your followers. If you’re launching a new product or hosting an event or just needing to spread awareness, you may need to contact individuals one at a time.

Create outreach campaigns, and then send a custom follow-up emails via direct messages. include multiple steps, setting for daily delay between each.

Stop sending Direct messages to leads when they click on your link. When your lead clicks on an of your hyperlinks, you have the option to stop your sequence immediately or send a specific Direct Message.

Real-time results You can review the results of your campaigns and find out who clicked on your hyperlinks.

Threads to schedule on Twitter as an Pro The use of Twitter threads is the most effective method to get noticed and create more reach and involvement

  1. Twitter threads – Create and schedule a week’s or month’s worth of content in one go and then let them flow out in a time.
  2. Engage your audience by giving them an overview of your story and then speed your drip
  3. Promote your business Automate Follow-Ups to announce your event whenever your threads become popular , thereby increasing your sales.

Set up creative threads for scheduling in a matter of minutes. A Twitter thread will give you better results than tweets that includes the hyperlink.

The reason Twittter threads are more effective is because they allow you to join multiple tweets in an order. The system keeps all tweets related to the subject in one place, making easy for followers of yours to locate to read, engage, and read.

Make use of Twitter threads to draw Attention and make eye-catching threads and tweets that include auto-generated quotes.

Followup automatization – Add tweets your current thread over time, which allows you to reach out to people who were not following you on Twitter at the time you first tweeted, and also notify people who are who is already engaged with your content.

What are the benefits of making use of Makezu?

  • Sequences and DMs to get in touch with the hidden audience
  • Auto-Follow competitor followers
  • Auto-Retweet best tweets
  • Create audiences that are relevant and precise.
  • Create an acquisition funnel for a brand new way that reaches out to elusive groups
  • Gain Followers

Best suited to –

  • SMBs and SMBs and
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Alternate To Alternate For Owlead, Tweepi, Hypefury


“The most effective instrument for Twitter automation I’ve ever tried . The potential for lead generation as well as automated outreach , and following are endless. Excellent application!” ” – Luke V.

“Really impressed by the user-friendly feature of this app. As a freelance programmer, Makezu lets me connect with people via Twitter who are seeking my talents.” Lucas Hutegao Freelance Developer

“I recently used Makezu for the WILLA Twitter account to create automated articles campaigns. It proved extremely beneficial. Because of the IA particularly clever hashtags more women were involved and were following the account.” — Sarah Social Media Manager

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