Linked Booster Lifetime Deal

Linked Booster can be described as the tool for automation of social networks that can help users save both time and money and speed up your professional status. You can stand out from the crowd with a powerful Lifetime Deal. It provides you with lucrative benefits and benefits within a glance

Automate LinkedIn activities, Manage 1st-degree connection smartly. Let’s unlock the winning formula.

Utilizing Linkedin to work could be an enjoyable experience with a the right friends. Being an active Linkedin users for the past 10 years, we’ve identified 4 most common issues for entrepreneurs marketers, sales, recruiters. What if, as in a fairytale, there’s a tool available which can transform your most dreadful nightmare into a beautiful fantasies?

1. Stress out over generating top-quality leads within a short period of time.

2. It is a pain to manage more than 500 connections by hand.

3. Spend too much time obtain Linkedn profiles and information about connections

4. Get tired after working for lengthy hours spent on LinkedIn.

1. Linked Booster gives you the possibility to maintain your social presence while having fun using automation to complete the tasks that consist of: connecting using a customized messages, gather data using customized tags , browse profiles and many more features that are coming soon. Many thousands of potential customers who are most likely to purchase could increase revenue by 10x.

2. Linked Booster syncs your LinkedIn 1st-degree contacts with tags to take away the stress of doing all this manually and allow you to get back to your business. It is easy to manage, filter, and make sense of your connections.

3. The software will collect information about your prospective customers, including address, phone, location email, as well as other social networks. You can export all the data by one click to CSV and then reuse it in different CRMs.

4. Your eyes will thank you to us for the two dark themes that are provided by us. You can now work on and relax and enjoy the fantastic night theme.

  • Table of View 1st-connection specific details and custom tags edit or add tag
  • Allow users to sync and manage invitations that they’ve received
  • Users can add or remove multiple tags from multiple profiles at the same time
  • Connect automatically with profiles with LinkedIn. Send a personalized message to profiles LinkedIn with a customized message
  • Auto-visit: multiple profiles to connect and obtain the contact information available
  • Auto-collect available contact information (including name, phone, etc.) from LinkedIn profiles
  • Creates lists of data based upon the results of your searches with tags and notes
  • Export all the information in your LinkedIn profile information from Dashboard into CSV file
  • Your dashboard is a comprehensive source of information regarding your customers’ contacts with tags and notes.
  • The first LinkedIn support tool to be launched with dark themes (night mode)

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