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A simple but effective software for referral programs that can help offline and online businesses gain new customers by leveraging referral marketing.

Referral Program Software

Referral marketing is an effective element of marketing your company but it’s often overlooked. It is not just a way to gain new customers, but it increases brand awareness.

Develop the ideal referral program that will boost the return on investment for your company by using this tool. A highly effective referral platform with everything you need to improve the effectiveness of your referral marketing as well as increase your client base.

PitchGround offers Incentivit in the form of simple yet powerful software to help you create a referral program that aids offline and online companies gain new customers through referral marketing.

Incentivit lets you run referral programs that promote your business to potential customers with sweepstakes and goal-based rewards, and instant-reward promotions.

The service comes with all the needed technology and processes to make sharing easier of your clients, including the following:

  • Importer of contacts from email
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Email invitations

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Flexible and customizableYou can set up your referral program using an easy-to-use software for setting up your program, and customize various parameters like rewards, pictures, texts emails, templates for email and much many more.

Fully automated Automatic referral tracking emails, notifications via email, enrollment, rewards, as well as reminders. Easy to manage ambassadors and referrers.

conforms to the normsMake sure you get the email address of your new customer legally. The system integrates all the mechanisms to ensure you’ve collected emails in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act’s guidelines.

Multi-Program Types– Multiple Program Types Choose from various types of referral programs like reward that is single-sided or double-sided rewards for milestones, engaging or sweepstakes.

Mobile Compatibility Mobile Compatibility Referral programs run flawlessly on desktops, as well as on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Ambassador Profile Ambassador Profile Each one of your customers could be an ambassador and receive an account on their behalf, where they are able to access all the tools needed to recommend to new clients.

Social Shares Your ambassadors are able to easily share on multiple social networks with pre-defined posts or messages.

Contacts ImporterYour ambassadors can add the contacts of their Outlook and Gmail contacts and then share in just a few clicks hundreds of other people.

Personal Link Each ambassador has their own sharing link which they can give to their relatives and friends.

Statistics Statistics– Your ambassadors are always aware of the progress of their referral efforts including accumulated rewards as well as the number of conversion referrals, and much more.

Email Invitation Your ambassadors are able to invite friends to join them via email and view the invitation email that will be delivered to them.

Refer-A-Friend by Email Participants can invite friends to email them by entering email addresses and then sending invitations.

Analytics Analytics -Get complete analysis of customer referral programs, which include invites and invites, filtered through referral programs. Determine the most influential referral sources and monitor data down to the individual level of the customer.

Fraud Detection A fraud detection system that is automatic installed on all programs that can be turned off or enabled at any time. The system detects suspicious behaviour such as multiple entries coming at the same time from an IP address.

Select a Winner If you are running an affiliate program that is an event the system we use will allow the random drawing of winners.

Award Bonus EntriesDefine the amount of bonus entries individuals can get for sharing their experiences and taking social actions.

What’s the advantages of the use of Incentivit?

  • The features and user-friendliness
  • Your business will grow on autopilot
  • Automatically engage with ambassadors via email
  • A shared contest that gives the highest prize amount at a fraction of prize amount
  • Step-by-step wizard for easy setting up the referral program

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online & Offline Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Alternate For – Invitebox

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