iBlueApps – Mobile App Creator

Platform for the creation of Android, iOS, Huawei and PWA mobile apps, which include offer lifetime and ongoing updates.

We made it possible to create a platform that creates mobile applications for iOS, Android and Huawei and that at the same time can be a PWA. Years of fighting the impossible we did it!

With iBlueApps you can decide whether or not you wish to upload your app to app stores. There is no requirement to submit your app in Apple, Google, or Huawei store because of our exclusive registered and patent-pending system that allows you to have the choice of creating your application and develop it for stores.

If you don’t wish to use our system, we will generate an PWA that lets you access your application with a URL and, if you wish, with a customized domain.

On a PC, users can view the app using an e-commerce page that has multiple designs. On iOS or Android it offers the option of opening the app, look over it, and download the app straight.

Another option is to send visual push notifications to website, iOS and Android visitors without having the app released in stores.

Without any programming knowledge Create a native application to run on iOS as well as Android. Our platform includes tutorials, help areas as well as support.

It can be used for any kind of business or service, including online stores and doctors and sports, dating and many other areas of expertise; it’s endless. It is possible to charge online, pay upon delivery, make reservations and many other options.

Each month, in 2022, we’ll be introducing new layouts, modules and templates!

There are also no additional charges for upgrades and they are all included.

  • Active PWA Function. This means that you don’t have to put your app on App Stores.
  • When you activate your account on White Label with its own domain. The White Label brand won’t be seen everywhere and you are able to sell to your customers as like if it were your own platform.
  • We offer unlimited applications You can also create applications for yourself or your clients through the Lifetime plan.
  • Unlimited modifications, make all modifications your app needs.
  • Future updates are included for the life of the subscription.
  • Unlimited Modules, Templates or Layouts.
  • Control Panel for you and your team.
  • Analytics of performance and feature.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications. In zones or for all.
  • Integration Integration Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress, Magento and More.
  • There are no additional charges for life, however you may request with additional cost, that we design it.

What are the main issues the business or individual have to overcome when you wish to get your app into any Store whether it’s either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store?

Both Stores require a variety of specifications, including specifically designed images, specific policies that have regular changes, documents that establishes intellectual property, and payment of rights per year or on account for apple. changes to versions in the case of any changes in the algorithm, among others. Even if the application is missing a particular feature that the app’s owner didn’t have knowledge of, you are at risk of having your account and application removed.

The reason for iBlueApps isn’t to force you to cease publishing your app in the stores but to ensure that you have a viable alternative in the event that you do not plan to publish your app in an online store.

We have created the most effective module currently available that solves the problem of stores.

Through our SuperPWA Module it is not necessary to make your app available in any app store. It’s possible to do this should you want to, or decide however, the purpose is making it more simple for any app developer to provide an effective link that, when shared, users will have access to the entire information of the app through an URL. (url can be personalized)

If the user is able to view the app, or clicks on the app using a URL it asks the user whether they are interested in the app. If they do, they can download it immediately or save it to their desktop. If the user accepts, the app is downloaded. and it downloads immediately. What’s the benefit? I can download the app without having to go via the App Store.

The platform comes with the “PWA Push Messages” system that lets iOS, Android, Huawei, Web and Facebook users receive push notifications that include your discounts, offers coupons, notices and so on.

Additionally, the system produces a stunning landing page that is designed with the most essential elements, such as a background featuring the style you like and your logo, QR code that guides them to the location you choose and the most important thing is that the app will be displayed with each of them. All the features you have included in your application.

Our commitment over the past 13 years on the marketplace is to build an extremely robust platform that includes many updates of high value, which will result in a 100% profitable business for every person who builds an app on the iBlueApps platform.

The platform can be used to build an app for any kind of company or person, as well as services. Whatever you are doing you are able to create an app to meet your require.

Examples 1: Warehouse, store that is, with or without an address in person or online it is possible to build an application that can market your goods and make payments online via an payment gateway or via delivery.

With Categories, menus for stores subcategories, variables for products. etc.

Example 2. If you run an enterprise or are an agent for real estate you could create an app that includes reservations, maps, properties galleries, etc.

Exemple 3: Do you run a restaurant, do sell fast food from your home, or do would like your customers to book their seats at your restaurant? you can design the perfect app to suit your needs as a food-related business. If you own multiple branches, you are able to add addresses, and make sure that the sales from your restaurants are reported in your system. You can also receive emails are sent to customers with reservations and orders.

Example 4. Do you devote your time to being healthy? dentist, doctor, have a hospital, clinic or gym, a spa or a gym, etc. You can design an attractive application that promotes your services. Imagine that they reserve their space at the specified time and date that corresponds to the availability that you’ve posted on your Healty website.

The kinds of businesses available are unlimited, and as stated, iBlueApps works for any kind of professional, business or service offering something via an application.

If all the above was not enough, in 2022, we’ll release numerous improvements, we will include amazing modules that offer hundreds of possibilities to enhance any application available. Design concepts with amazing designs and layouts.

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