The model number of a Asus Laptop is usually made up of prefixes and may also include a serial number. Similar devices in the same line-up have the same or slightly different model designations. Service tags or asset tags, unlike serial numbers, do not have a unique name or number for each computer.

ASUS is a company that makes computers for both desktops and laptops. A model number can be found on every ASUS computer model. This number is necessary if you need to contact ASUS customer service. The model’s phone number can be found in a few places, so you won’t have to look for it long.

Also, if you’re ready to buy specific devices for your model but aren’t sure which one you have, here are some ways to figure it out How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop?


The model number is a unique number assigned to each product created by the computer hardware manufacturer and may be stylized as a model number or mockup number. The model number allows the enterprise to monitor each hardware component and identify or replace the correct part as needed.

If the model is referenced, be sure to use the model of the product sticker and not the generic model number on the front of the computer. Some companies may have generic product numbers like the HP Pavilion P6000 or Presario CQ60, such as Hewlett Packard and Dell. However, product labels often include official or unofficial model numbers, such as “cq60-419wm” or “P677y.”

Please keep this information in mind and use it when you need assistance from the manufacturer. For example, you may need to provide your exact model number before downloading a driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Asus Laptop


To figure out which model you have, there are a few options. Model numbers, as you may know, are generally made up of letters and digits and can include many series.

A model number and a serial number are not the same thing. The model names and numbers for each gadget are not the same. The serial number is, nevertheless, unique, and not all laptop models have the same serial number.


How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop? is something that some of us are curious about. In some cases, you can find your model number on the device’s back label, which is a reliable source. You can place the brand on the face of the product, but if it’s not the same as the bottom label, you’ll need to look at the bottom.

When you remove the battery from your notebook, you should be able to see the model numbers and names. The model name is printed on the label of many laptops. A model name can also be found in other areas of a laptop, such as the hard drive. If you’re not sure where to go next, don’t go it alone.

On the mother’s surface, you’ll also notice the model name. Open the laptop cover to get to the mother’s surface and look for the model’s name on the label.


Accessing the system options is another option. To get there, go to Start and look for the “my computer” icon. When you hit the right mouse button, a list of numerous options displays. Select the attributes that are usually the final choice on the list now. Your ASUS device name will appear on the screen when you access the properties.

The DXDIAG command is used to launch the diagnostic tool. If you’re not sure how to get there, click the Start button and put the name into the search area. You’ll see a variety of possibilities, as well as a space where you may put your name for your laptop models. You’ll notice it when you get to the system options. It’s possible that it’ll appear in the lower right corner of your screen.


With their labeling, ASUS PCs are often easy to locate. A label with model number information is often located on the base of the laptop computer. Models with serial numbers must not be confused.


  • Turn off your computer. This needs to be done so that you can turn the laptop upside down to see the number.
  • Take a look at the ASUS laptop‘s bottom. There will be a label with information about the laptop on it. Put the number in the “Model Number” field.
  • Return to the ASUS desktop’s back. Look for a label that lists all of the computer’s specifications. Make a note of the “Model Number” label.
  • See the ASUS computer user guide. The number may be on the front or inside of the manual. However, if your manual includes more than one model, you can get the model number from the device.


  • Select ASUS LAPTOP Programs from the Start menu.
  • From the All-Programs menu, select VAIO Care.
  • Click the VAIO Care button.
  • The model number is displayed in the VAIO Care window below (e.g., FW550F-VGN)


  • Select ASUS LAPTOP from the Start menu.
  • Windows then selects Local Disk C.
  • For the file, select Model or Model.txt*.
  • The number of models is shown in the file. (e.g., FW550F-VGN)


All of these options are pretty basic. Therefore, there is no need for any specific knowledge to test your ASUS laptop. But if you don’t know, how to find my Asus laptop model number? You may need to be careful. Try solutions that don’t require opening the case first. If none of them work for you, you can open housing.

If you are not hard to do something, you can ask someone to do it. Opening the case requires some expertise. You can break it for some components. The small pieces of a laptop can cause great damage and cost a silver load to restore them.