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A Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing System With 100% End-to-End Encryption!

Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing Tool

Meetings and video conference calls is the norm for all companies.

It is the first of its kind. this tool lets you run your videoconference in complete end-to-end encryption. It is an online electronic ecosystem, which is safe easy and durable due to peer-to-peer technology.

PitchGround offers Crewdle The Crewdle A Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing Service that has 100% End-to-End encryption!

Crewdle’s technology does not rely on servers. Your streams are secured from beginning to end between each person in the virtual conference. Your streams are secure in all times, and also between everyone who is part of an online meeting.

Through direct connections between people to one another, Crewdle eliminates the need for servers, allowing streams to travel the most efficient distance with the most energy.

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Start the meeting you are attending:

Room for meetings with your personal ID Create your own meeting space on Crewdle by creating the personal identification number. If you create the personal ID room you will receive a quick URL that includes your personal ID.

You can share the link to allow people to contact you easily. Make friends in your personal room or join a room of a contact just by clicking!

Ad-hoc meetings Through your dashboard or through one of the integrations offered by Crewdle make it easy to create new meetings that are ad hoc and invite all the participants you’d like to invite. Ad-hoc meetings are a great way to design unique meeting rooms with dynamic links that are easy to copy and distribute.

Invite participants Invite participants Invite other participants by using dynamic links that let you access the meeting room through a browser or an app.

Recording meetings Meetings recorded in HTML0 Make your own recordings and share them with the participants following the event. You’ll need the Crewdle Companion application to use this feature!


ContactsConnect to your contacts and initiate an instant call or check whom is online any moment.

Screen sharing Screen sharing Screen sharing lets you share your screens with other participants. Crewdle allows you to transfer a tab of your internet browser app or your entire screen others.

Live streaming –Take benefit of streaming live and broadcasting from anywhere and connect with your viewers live, in real-time, wherever they may be. Simple as hosting an online conference, run your event with the expertise of a professional and provide the best experience.

Watch Party Watch PartyWatch Party lets you watch your favourite show, film, or concert live, or record it together with other members. Everyone can view and listen to the same stream , and also interact with each other.

ChatEasily chat with your friends while on the phone. Text chats use peer-to-peer technology. Everything is secured from beginning to end making it absolute security, privacy and private.


User management Set up an organizational structure that can be used to group the collaborators of your colleagues. You will then be able to manage your users on your company account and determine what roles they are assigned to.

Controls for audio and video Audio and video controls Additionally, you can set the source that you would like the camera’s or your microphone’s to capture from.

Remote control Transfer control to another person to manage the videoconference.

Integrations Integrations Make use of the Crewdle integration with Google Calendar, Outlook or Slack to schedule your meetings and help make them happen. There will be more soon.

Virtual backgrounds Now you can select and customize your background.

Room controlsAs an administrator you decide the level of security and control you would like to have when guests attend your meeting room.

What are the benefits in taking advantage of Crewdle?

  • Crewdle means maximum security.
  • Crewdle is the eco-friendly option for all your video calls as well as video conference needs.
  • Crewdle keeps your conversations as well as information private, and is respectful of your privacy.
  • Crewdle is simple to use, user-friendly , and enjoyable.

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small Agencies
  • Solopreneurs

Alternate For – Zoom, Webex, Google Meet

Testimonials –

“The performance of the calls is amazing as is the system easy to use and safe.” – Michel Salmon, Lumas.

“A fantastic video conferencing system, simple to use, simple, and beneficial for the environment. The experience was smooth, simple to use, and I love the fact that when I use it I’m helping the earth.” – Martin M, Co-Founder

“The most appealing aspect of this program is that it’s extremely efficient when it comes to presentations. Additionally, it offers the option of sharing screens which makes meetings more engaging. Another advantage of this program is that it permits users to live chat.” – Mansi G, Software QA

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