iMazing Review 2022

iMazing Review Step by Step: iMazing is a great iTunes alternative. It allows you to transfer media content including messages, files, the history of browsing, much more between your iPhones/iPads/iPhones. In addition, it can perform numerous other things to assist you in a variety of ways. The people who use this powerful and user-friendly program for a variety of reasons. Take a look at this review of iMazing for more in-depth information about it.

Features and Technical Specs:

Here are the most recent specifications of the newest IMazing.

Software NameiMazing
Latest VersioniMazing 2.11
Supported OSWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Mac OS X Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, EI Captain, Yosemite, Mavericks
iTunes Support12.2.0 and later
Installer Size104 MB
Installation Size256 MB

iMazing includes all the essential features as well as some additional cool features. It isn’t possible to find many of these in different iTunes alternatives. In particular, the Photo manager is unbeatable. In any case there are many important features of this program.

  • Impressive Photo Manager
  • Transfer information to and from iOS devices and computers/Mac
  • Automatic Backup Wirelessly or with the lightning cable
  • Functional App Manager
  • Export Whatsapp Chat
  • File Explorer
  • Access Call History Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Calendars, Safari History, Bookmarks and more.
  • Warranty Checker
  • Battery Information
  • Update/Re-install iOS
  • Erase Phone
  • Manage iOS Devices Wirelessly
  • Encryption
  • and there are many more

Decent Photo Manager

All the popular iTunes alternatives come with the ability to manage photos. But, they’re slow and unstable. However, iMazing is unique in this aspect. The latest version brings an outstanding Photo manager which can manage your iPhone photographs in real-time. Prior to this, it was only available for version Mac version. However, recently the decent photo management program has been added to the Windows version of iMazing.

All over the world 50% of iPhone users are using Windows and don’t own an mac. iMazing offers an excellent chance for users to experience an incredible Mac-like image management experience using this feature.

Transfer Contents Between Devices

iMazing is able to transfer videos, photos music and other media content between iPhone and Mac or PC. The major difference is that it can do this wirelessly, too. This means that you don’t need an electrical cable each time you have to transfer data. It’s simple and helps save time. Additionally, it has the feature of Quick transfer that allows you to transfer media files to your iPhone using dropping them onto your iPhone using drag and drop.

iMazing Review 2022- Is it Best iOS Manager?
iMazing Device Info

Perfectly Backup Your iPhone/iPad or iPod

If you want to back up to backup your iPhone or iPad complete including all content as well as data will complete the task. Then, you can restore it if you need to. The backup process is performed in a way that is automated according to your preferred schedule wirelessly.

If Devices Connected

  • If your computer or Mac and your iOS device are connected to an identical network of WiFi,
  • iMazing can automatically start taking the iOS devices backup. I
  • t also has a backup archive option. 
  • It allows you to clear backups that are older than a certain time frame by automating. It is possible to encrypt your backup by using the password you choose or keep them encrypted if you want to.

Access Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Browsing History, etc:

Some well-known iPhone management apps can’t read your browsing histories, your messages or bookmarks. However, iMazing can do it. After the backup process, you’ll be able to see your calls, messages, stories contacts, calendars browsing history as well as other. Contacts can be exported to Excel as well as vCard as well as CSV format. It is possible to view text messages and search to locate specific messages. It’s helpful in many different scenarios.

Battery Information

It’s a small feature that is only available in a few iTunes alternatives. However, it could be useful. On the case of your iPhone, Apple has already integrated a feature to allow users to track their battery’s health. However, iMazing can show you more details concerning your battery. It shows the current health percentage, temperature, maximum capacity charged cycles serial number, charger details and many other. It will help you determine whether it is necessary to replace the battery in your iPhone battery.

Perfect App Manager

The iMazing software comes with an option that lets you the management of your iOS devices’ apps through a PC. In contrast to other iPhone managers, it is able to install apps straight through the App Store. You can also manage your library of apps and remove or uninstall any app on your device.

Control Unlimited iOS Devices via WiFi

Generally speaking, to handle iPhone, iPad, or iPods via PC or Mac users have to connect a lightning connector to gain full access to. However, after the initial setup, iMazing can manage your iOS devices wirelessly. Each time you launch the application, it will recognize that your device is wireless. It’s surprising that there’s no limit to the number of devices. In other words, if you have many iOS devices, you’ll be able to manage them all from one location. This means you can manage your backups, import or export photos and other files and view battery information. You can also manage applications wirelessly. It requires your iPad/iPhone as well as your PC/Mac connected to the same connection. 

iMazing iphone Backup

Extra Useful Features

iMazing also has a few other minor functions, that are useful in many scenarios. For instance, you can check the Warranty. It’s a function that allows users to learn about Apple’s warranty protection. Other, low battery notifications, HEIC conversion to JPG Import Custom Ringtone View/Export Whatsapp messages, console logs, messages, logs as well as logs. Other options you can find.

User Interface:

The interface of iMazing is easy to use. It isn’t necessary to switch between tabs to find the information you need because you will find all the options in the main screen. When you connect to your iPhone it will display information about the device’s left-hand side. The other options will be displayed on the right hand side and divided into 3 more columns. Otherwise, it will show the lock screen of your iPhone when it’s locked, and will show the home screen when it’s not locked. The entire process will take place in real-time. Overall, it’s a nice-looking user interface that is easy to navigate.

IMazing Performance and In-Depth Reviews:

I’ve tried iMazing for a couple of days to gather enough thoughts about it. Overall, it performed very efficiently. Particularly, it has met the majority of my requirements without any issues. The features worked extremely efficiently. When you open this iPhone manager the first time on your computer It will suggest you create a back-up of your device. It is recommended to take it. It will grant users access to all your phone numbers, messages, stories as well as other data that is restricted. As per Apple’s policies that you aren’t able to view these data using third-party software directly.

In the end, the backup process was easy and didn’t have any issues. You can create your schedule and also keep the WiFi option active. It allows iMazing to automatically backup your iOS device’s backups when you’re Phone and your PC/Mac are connected to the same WiFi network. It’s also extremely smooth. It’s the best part is that you don’t need the hassle of connecting your gadget using USB each time you need to use it. There are a handful of tasks that will require connecting to your device via the lightning cable. The other benefit is that you can access your device’s console in iMazing directly. It will help you get crucial information that can aid in resolving different issues.

The speed of transfer of files is excellent even when using it on the WiFi network. However, it could take a few additional minutes to see all the thumbnails of photos when using it wirelessly. It’s all dependent on the speed of your wireless. Overall, the experience with iMazing is quite interesting. It’s possibly the best experience with any similar program I’ve used.


I haven’t found any negatives that are significant, aside from the price. The price for IMazing licenses is more expensive than some of its rivals. However, the annual license does not have a limitation on the number of iOS devices you can use.


The cost begins with $44.99 per computer or Mac for the life of. It may appear to be a little higher. However, TechClassy audience can purchase it for $35.99, which is 20% lower than the standard cost. It will provide you with an enjoyable experience and comes with interesting features that are will be worth the price. It lets you manage two Apple iOS devices. For unlimited management of Apple devices, you’ll require a license, which is priced at 47.99 USD/year. This is a discounted price exclusive to those who belong to the TechClassy.COM members. But, iMazing is also available as a trial.

PriceiOS Device LimitValidity
$44.99 $35.992Lifetime
$49.99 $39.993Lifetime
$69.99 $55.995Lifetime
$59.99 $47.99Unlimited1 Year
iMazing Review 2022- Is it Best iOS Manager?
iMazing Review Pricing

iMazing Review Free vs . Paid

Are iMazing available for free?

The answer is not. My opinion is that it shouldn’t, given the huge effort required to DigiDNA to DigiDNA team to develop the app and keep it up to date.

But, the application can be downloaded for free and use from the Mac or PC or, in the manner we’re familiar with it being a “free trial”. The iMazing free trial provides unlimited and automatic backups, however you’ll have upgrade to the full version to recover files from backups. The trial also restricts the transfer of data from your mobile device to computer. If you go over the limit, you’ll require a purchase in order to access the fully-featured version.

The iMazing activation windows. This is where you will see the differences between the paid and free versions.

Today, you can download the iMazing app at 20% off, just check in the section on coupons below. After you’ve obtained an appropriate license and then activate fully-featured iMazing and you’ll have access to the entire features. You can also contact them at any time of the day, 7 days a week. customer service.

iMazing also provides upgrade discounts and 30 percent educational discounts for teachers and students. If you’re looking to make use of the application for a large-scale business the larger licenses are available for up 300 computers. Contact them for a program that’s perfect for your needs.

How do I Use iMazing?

In the beginning, you must download iMazing from their site and install the application on your computer or Mac. Connect the Apple device to your PC via USB or Wi-Fi.

Important: If you’re using iMazing on it for the first time you’ll need to connect via an USB connection and connect your device with your computer. After the computer has “trust” the computer, it will allow the computer to access the information on the device.