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A platform with a CMS, Contact Form, Widgets with many more features & lets you prepare, organize, write and deliver fast on-the-spot answers for your customers.

Knowledge Base Software For All Businesses

Your website is a reflection of your company. Helping people to understand your business will not only allow you to save time but also improve the efficiency of your business.

To make this happen you will require a flexible and self-serviced Knowledgebase or Helpdesk. This tool will allow you to build one, and comes with other features.

PitchGround present Answerly

A platform that includes an online CMS Contact Form, Widgets, and Contact Form and many other features. It allows you to prepare to write, organize, and provide quick, on-the-spot responses to your clients.

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KnowledgeBase is a simple but powerful knowledge base application designed to help you write documents, arrange, and provide quick, on-the-spot responses to your clients.

  • Your customers will feel welcome by adding your company’s logo and headline
  • With a variety of personalization settings, users can create a Knowledge Base feel like an extension of your company instead of a help center.
  • Color Studio – With Color Studio you are able to paint the entire Knowledge Base however you want to, so that it is in line with the style and color scheme of your company.
  • Custom Menus within Header & Footer – Inside the Answerly Dashboard, you can include as many links you’d like in the knowledge base’s head menu and footer menus.
  • You can choose to include the details of your Social Media profiles as clickable icons at the bottom in the Knowledge Base.
  • In addition to creating custom META fields on all pages Answerly’s Knowledge Base will automatically generate any schemas for structured data that search engines will love.
  • Open graphs for stunning answers. Control the way you Knowledge Base looks when linked from other sites.
  • Data and reports Learn how people use their Knowledge Base so you can find the answers that aid people to be more helpful.
  • In widget mode, you can place the entirety of your Knowledge Base as it is on any webpage on your site.
  • Create a contact page that forms part of your knowledge Base.

Contact Page: The Contact page is part of the knowledge base. Your customers can contact you and send messages that you can read and then respond to in Answerly Dashboard. Answerly Dashboard.

  • The Contact Page automatically adopts the layout of the knowledge base. However, Answerly provides a variety of individualization options specific to your contact page. Contact Page specific.
  • Through Color Studio, you can paint your contact page as you’d like to ensure it is in line with the design and colors of your company.
  • Answer all questions that pop up on the Contact page of this elegant inbox client, which you can access via Answerly’s Answerly Dashboard.

CMS and Editor Answers can be dragged into categories, make subcategories, alter the order in which answers are displayed and more. An answer editor that can support multiple styles of text and dynamic elements.

  • Make rich and exciting answers using active elements.
  • The Answer Editor has a variety of text styles that enhance the effectiveness of your answers.

Helpdesk and Widget Helpdesk is an application that you can place anywhere on your site. It lets customers browse through your knowledge base and contact you many more.

  • Make your own Widget.
  • Through Color Studio, you can paint the entire Helpdesk Widget in any way you like to make sure it is in line with the look and colors of your company.
  • You can search the entirety of your KnowledgeBase via the Helpdesk and access answers right away.
  • Helpdesk is compatible with the same styling of text, active elements and other features to provide answers similar to Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base.
  • Create a customized start-page that displays your Helpdesk widget by using drag and drop elements within the editor.
  • Helpdesk includes contact forms that you can personalize.
  • Data and reports Check out how users use the Helpdesk to help you tailor your questions to help them more effectively.

Search Widget Search Widget is a widget that you can place anywhere on your site. It allows customers to browse through your knowledge base without leaving your site.

  • The Search Widget offers a range of personalization tools you can make use of to make it feel more home-like when it is displayed on your site.
  • Through Color Studio, you can paint the entire Search Widget however you want and it will best fit the style and color scheme of your business.
  • The Search widget is one you can place anywhere on your site.
  • You could search for both an answer as well as an action button, if the text of the action is in line with the query.
  • Data and reports Find out how users use the Search widget, so that you can tailor your responses to assist people more effectively.

Notify Widget Notify Widget that you can place anywhere on your site. You can utilize Notify to send out rapid and timely updates on your business, reducing support tickets by half.

  • Deliver your latest news just right. Color Studio can paint everything about Notify to the fullest extent you want.
  • You can select the way Notify will appear on your site at the top or the bottom.
  • Utilize Notify Widget to distribute your content to your site with individualization.
  • It is possible to run multiple Notify widgets on the same page.

What’s the advantages that come with the use of Answerly?

  • Reduces support tickets by offering immediate assistance and keeping customers up-to on the latest information to ensure they don’t have to send you messages
  • Automates customer support processes
  • Simple to set up and reuse multiple times
  • Embeddable widgets are available for any website, dashboard or cms
  • Create and personalize how you’d like to
  • Complete suite of Knowledgebase

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses/Companies
  • Startups
  • Business & Website Owners
  • Agencies
  • Solopreneurs & Freelancers

Testimonials –

“Answerly has completely changed the way I do business. I was able to lower the number of support agents needed by using the automated solutions. These tools help reduce costs while maintaining a good customer experience.” – Mina P., Business Owner

“I’m very thankful I found Answerly. Our customers have never been happier, and Answerly offers many ways to keep customers happy. It’s truly and genuinely a service like no other.” – Merita S., Business Owner, Dr.

“Using Answerly has saved my small business thousands in customer service costs and streamlined the process, allowing us more room to focus on expansion and product development.” – Callum M., Insurance

“We put all of our customer support practices with Answerly. Since then, our store has been flourishing, and customers are more than happy to interact and help themselves with Answerly. Indeed an impressive service.” – Emmanuel E., Shopify Store.

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