Accordium Lifetime Deal

Accordium Introduction:

Accordium is a marketing and sales tool that can make your emails more interesting and personal. It aids in closing deals faster through electronic signatures.

How to use Accordium

  • Begin using Engage by installing the Accordium Google Chrome extension. Include your logo for your company and make Your first YouTube video.
  • You can record your own video, or show your display (or) upload your videos directly from your computer by using Chrome’s Chrome extension.
  • Include personal messages for your clients and include them with your videos within your emails. You can also make a GIF previews of videos to make it appealing to your recipient to include into your emails.
  • Send the video directly to your customers using the hyperlink. Include a tracking ID in order to track every click, open and engagements.
  • The E-signatures feature is designed with the intention of providing a smooth experience for both the requester (you) and the signer (your customers). The e-signatures are legally binding as per US and EU regulation.
  • Transfer the contact information of sender approver , and receiver contact information using a CSV file, or upload one by one from the Contacts section
  • Upload the recipients, approvers, and sender contacts by using a CSV file, or upload one by one from the Contacts section
  • You can send an agreement to your client or create an automated workflow that includes a series of steps, such as the sending, esigning and receiving.
  • All of the Analytics, such as closing rates of deals and average time to close contracts delivered, cost estimate etc. can be viewed through your eSign dashboard

Deal Hightlight Accordium :

  • Unlimited Pages for Landing
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Electronic Signature Transfers
  • Sales Engagement Videos
  • Videos & Sales Data Analytics
  • Video Landing Pages
  • Screen Recording
  • Chrome & Gmail Integrations
  • Up to 3 codes can be stacked per account
  • Future Updates and Integrations of the Sales Teams plan are provided.
  • 60-day return policy

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